Clicker Heroes Unblocked How To Save Progress And Steam Problem

How To Save Clicker Heroes Progress Clicker Heroes game has an inbuilt save option and it's really to save your clicker heroes save data just follow me and you should be able to save your game data. When you save your game in clicker heroes the game provides a text file that you can use to load your game later so let's see how to save and get this text file. 1 - See at the top right corner of your screen you see a wrench like an icon just click on it 2 - After clicking on the wrench icon menu bar will appear from the menu bar click on the save option 3 - Now select the folder where you need to save your text file and then click on save 4 - The text file successfully downloaded on your chosen folder now you can use this file to load your game later Now let's see how to load your game 1 - Go to the menu bar as you do at last time but this you need to select import option 2 - Open the text file which you save inside the text file you see a series of numbers just copy all of th